Are you tired of being in the dark and cold whenever your power goes out? Then maybe it's time to... 

Get a generator with an automatic transfer switch completely installed by ACT-ELECTRIC.   The generator pictured was recently  installed in a residence that has frequent power outages.
This particular model is an:

  • 8KVA (large enough to power a furnace(gas or fuel), most of your lights, and your water pump)
  • 240 volt A.C.
  • 60 Hz
  • LP (Liquid Propane)
  • Single phase
  • Automatic transfer switch. (After 10 seconds without power, it automatically starts the generator and you are back on-line with power. A must when you are away from home.)
  • It has an automatic excitation circuit. (the generator will start weekly to insure it working properly)
  • Built in battery charging circuit (insures the battery is charged and ready to start the generator)
  • Oil heater for cold weather starting (Insure the engine is warm, to allow better starting)
  • Automatic cool down cycle ( allows the generator to cool down after running for a while,extends the life of the unit)
    The above model shown can be installed for as little as $7500.00 + applicable taxes, depending on location. 
  • For an accurate cost estimate contact us .

Other Sizes, Models, and Configurations are available. We will match the system to your needs.
Please contact us for pricing and information

Generator Sevice Panel, Auto Switch, Sub Panel

8 KVA LP Generator

Left original service panel, center auto transfer switch,
right sub panel (all circuits in this panel are backed up
by the Generator).

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