Infrared Imaging will find problems before they manifest into large repair cost and downtime.

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Seeking a cause for power fluctuations, this Federal Pacific panel checked out fine with sophisticated electrical meters. Tests were conducted by a master electrical engineer. An internal problem on the right leg of the panel heated to 53 0C at 30% rated load levels. This panel was replaced to restore proper service and avoid catastrophic failure.
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This 300 HP Pump Starter passed a visual check and was found to be free of harmonics and within load specifications. See its infrared image at the right Phase C contactor is the apparent cause of serious heating. This phase is >31 0C hotter than the equally loaded reference at 22 0C. This repair saved an $ 18,000 motor from damage and loss of snow making capacity.
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We were examining this rural treatment plant for insulation saturation. The insulation was in good condition; but look at the infrared image on the right We found this potentially dangerous heating wire within the wall. If left uncorrected, this overloaded wire inside the wall could cause a fire.

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